Tuesday, 23 September 2008

W001, Burberry Checks

The Burberry check, this pattern is famous in worldwide, as a successful logo of the brand.
Yet, besides the pattern, do burberry's products have their code in using color?
When I visit the shops of Burberry, I find that the colors it used are quite similar, beige, dark beige, peat, charcoal, grey, brown, white, navy blue, black, etc. These colors produce a unity and pleasing effect under the principle of resemblance.
Go back to the topic, Burberry checks, lets talk about the most classic one.
Camel check, with achromatic black, grey and white, adding some red.The hues of camel and red are in high value, low chroma, having a harmonious feeling with the neutrals which have maximum dullness.

Another classic check is beige check, it looks similar to the camel one, since most of the colors of the check are the same, just change the main hue, camel, to beige.
Actually, I like this one more then the former, the beige hue, compare with camel, has a higher contrast with red, more eye-catching but still look pleasing, by using the principle of familiarity.

The above 2 check cashmere scarfs are the same product in different color harmony. I think this can representing "Burberry" as I can find it in every Burberry's shops and outlets. And I would like to introduce other color harmony of this product.
This scarf with the main hue of sage(grayish-green), having the same check, but with more colors matching together.
The lines of black, grey and white added with some dark brown and light beige, and more grey hues used, when red hue with higher value. This color scheme is more complex, yet it keeps using the low chroma hues.
This scarf's color harmony is quite simple by using black, grey, white and red. It is mainly in neutrals, nevertheless, the red hue is in high value, to make it not so sharp and harmonious to the whole color scheme.

Brown check, as brown and red are very close in color wheel, less contrast make it looks quite flat.

Bluebell check and Rosewater check , this two color schemes are quite similar to each other. Both of the colors are in very high value, according to the notes of lecture 2, they give psychological effects of innocence, delicacy, stimulating, feminine, simple and young.
They look quite different with other checks' color scheme, since others are usually with low chroma only, at least the checks' lines are in low value. But these two scarfs' all colors are in high value, make them look so outstanding. Actually, they look more young and delicate when compared with others' color scheme, maybe it is because these two scarfs are targeted on younger and feminine girls.

After those discussions, let's come back to the basic question: what color theory used by burberry(checks)?
I think there should have a formula, for the above scarfs' color scheme, I found that all of them are in formed by more than one color while the main color is in low chroma and hue and value are varies.
Yet, when I went to the shops of burberry, there are many question marks appeared, as some products' checks' color scheme are in high chroma, some used monochromatic color scheme. So, the answer of my own observation is: the main stream of burberry checks is in low chroma, but there must be some exception, maybe making them look 'burberry' only by the check pattern.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008


I find it on a weblog, this picture is dull, but it gives me a peaceful and comfort impression. Maybe all hues are quite low chroma, not sharp and eye-catching.
And for the color scheme, i think...contrasting scheme was used, adjacent complementary of blue and brown.

I have tried to increase the chroma of the picture, it's a big different, becomes a warm and bright picture.

Sunday, 7 September 2008


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