Saturday, 25 October 2008

PJ004, Main hues(03-08)

Main hues of 08SS collection
Main hues of 07SS collection
Main hues of 05SS collection
Main hues of 04SS collection
Main hues of 03SS collectionHues: tertiaries

Intensity: mainly in low chroma, (in 03 and 04, few high chroma hues used for quite a lot)

Value: mainly tints

the main hues used in the years' SS collection(used for more than 3-4 outfits' main color), you can see that, they are quite similar, we find that beige, light orange or yellow are always appear in SR's SS collections, so as the light violet.

SR loves using achromatic black, white and different kinds of greys(some mixed with a little rose, purple...), they appears every years, every seasons, used more than any hues.

yet in SS2009, the variety of hues used increased and no hue are used dominately, so , I think there is NO main hues in SS2009.

Sonia Rainbows(03,04,05,09)

Sonia Rainbow09
Sonia Rainbow05
Sonia Rainbow04
Sonia Rainbow03

it is a signature of Sonia Rykiel, SoniaRainbow, it may appears on only 1 piece in the collection

Friday, 24 October 2008

PJ003, Sonia Rykiel SS00304

Sonia Rykiel SS2003 RTW

Hues: mainly secondaries
Intensity: it's difficult to say, in this collection , few high chroma hues used for quite a lot, but for the earth tone colors which used quite often, are in low chroma
Value: various

Sonia Rykiel SS2004 RTW

Hues: mainly tertiaries
Intensity: outfits are mainly in low chroma, but accessaries with high chroma are used, similar to 05 & 07's SS collections.
Value: mainly tints

In 2003 and 2004's RTW collection, we can find that the hues used are comparatively less then the year of 08 and 09.
(for total colors no.: 03: ~20 colors/07: ~15 colors)
03, 04, 05 and 07's SS collections' no. of hues used, actually did not change a lot, this situation also appears on FW collections.

Friday, 10 October 2008

PJ002, Sonia Rykiel SS0507

Sonia Rykiel SS05 RTW

Hues: mainly tertiaries

Intensity: low chromatic main hues of acid-green, pink, champagne, yellow, gray, black and white, with accessaries in higher chromatic colors and gold coins

Value: mainly tints

..........(stripe, flower and star)

Sonia Rykiel SS07 RTW

Hues: mainly tertiaries, Also, metalic colors of silver and copper are used sometimes.

Intensity: The achromatic black and white are used widely, on the dress, light violet and yellow, in high value, are the main hues.
On accessaries, red, pink, blue, orange-green, light violet are used, comparatively with higher chroma and more eye-catching.

Value: mainly tints

..........(bow, flower and star)



Unlike SS08&09, 05&07's SS collection contains less colors, for the main color of outfit, 07's collection only have 2 while 05's have 5

(for total colors no.: 05: ~25 colors/07: ~14 colors)

and all outfits are in one theme

but one interesting point is that many other hues which in high chroma are only used on accessaries

light violet, hues from yellow to orange and black&white, are they S.R.'s icon?


Wednesday, 8 October 2008

PJ001, Sonia Rykiel SS0809

Sonia Rykiel SS2008 RTW

Hues: mainly tertiaries
Intensity: high chroma
Value: tints

first line: high chromatic yellow, red, beige, brown cardigans..........(trompe l'oeil clothing)
second line: orange, blue, yellow, green..........(butterfly and flower)
third line: light grey, pink, white dress..........(angel)

Sonia Rykiel SS2009 RTW

Hues: mainly primaries and secondaries
Intensity: high chroma
Value: mainly tints

first line: diaphanous top, hues range from yellow, beige, orange, pink, red to red violet, with achromatic black..........(sexy office lady)
second line: various high valued hues feminie dress..........(spring flower)
third line: mostly black with orange..........(funny party)



in 3 main lines and themes, 2 feminie lines with 1 funny line

flower, black is an identifier

many hues chosen from orange, red, to brown

feminie dress with body-shaped cutting

compared with 09, 08's collection contains less colors, which the colors used as main color on outfits are only about 9, while 09's is about 20

(for total colors no.: 08:~30 colors/09: ~43 colors)


W002, Burberry Clothings

Blue, green, dark brown in low chroma---single split complementary
Brown, orange, yellow in low chroma---analogous
Red, claret, blue, white, black---complementary4 different green in low chroma, white---monochromatic
Emerald, blue-violet, dark-blue, bottle green---analogous
Dark purple, dark green, blue---analogous
Black, white, brown---monochromatic//red in low chroma, beige, brown, black, white---analogous

Wednesday, 1 October 2008


This is a class exercise about interior design of a fashion boutique on the environment and products' colors.

I created a dark-colored background, using brown, orange, yellow as main hues, providing classic and stable feeling. The same color scheme among all parts of the store can unitize them.

The colorful products are placed on side panels which is dark. The spot light in the middle focus on the white achromatic colored products. This can lower the chroma of the products, in order to match up with the background, but still enable the products to have different hues. The white products in the middle are very eye-catching because of the brightness of the light and the products, and also the position.

The whole color scheme of the boutique using warm colors but in low value, it creates a harmonious, mysterious and quiet effect according to the principle of resemblance.