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PJ005, Sonia Rykiel's Color Story Conclusion of My Group

Sonia Rykiel

These 10 colors are the most frequency using by Sonia in design between 2002-2009
These colors includes achromatic, chromatic and also in both high value high value and low value and low intensity
But the hue is repeated, the intensity and value are different in different
The nearer year, higher value and intensity is used

After the research of the usage of color by the designer, We have analysis the color they have use, so we can have a further prediction.
We have base on the 9 theories.
Aromatic ,
Analogical and
complementary ,
Double complimentary ,
Split complementary and
Triadic Color Scheme

The Charts are shown on before......
We also mention the common practice of the designer that she always match between chromatic and little monochromatic color.
The research base is from The picture in Sonia Rykiel every year fashion show photographs.
We have separate F/W and S/S for each year and so the comparison can be made
First for F/W, We can see the charts, Most frequency color present here is Achromatic
Obviously, The designer like to use achromatic scheme on her design
Black is the most often Hue

The pattern of Sonia using achromatic/monochromatic scheme is similar for many years...
the chart shows that....very similar pattern from 2003 to 2006
However, we can see in this year2008 F/W collection,
And the pie of achromatic one is smaller and small
more small pies exists in this year

It implies more scheme is used in this year
Because of Sonia Rykiel's daughter entry?
Younger image is given

Of course.........↑ new color schemes use=↑ new design

Similarly, 2nd is the monochromatic scheme
hue of orange, Blue and yellow shown in monochromatic way
in high value high intensity dominant instead

Sonia sign....Sonia rainbow....always suddenly exist among the aromatic design collection
because this phenomenon can be found from many year
if it is a common practice
it can also be said to quite consistency
no matter chromatic or achromatic
on outfit always one hue dominant.

That's mean this designer focus on the theory of the proportion of color usage

So different color combination like split complimentary, Double Complimentary Color scheme is rare to see
In these 2 years, more color theories are applied on design.
In last year F/W collection, many color scheme haven't used by Sonia rykiel before suddenly present
Such as Complimentary scheme and analogic color scheme

Comparing FW collections' color scheme

Comparing the summaries of the main colors used in the F/W, we can see that more colors were used since F/W 06,
and the color scheme has slightly changed from achromatic to analogous color scheme, but the monochromatic color scheme was still dominated in the collections.

This may because Sonia Rykiel's daughter has become more important in the brand, and she has put much effort in giving new energy to the brand in these few seasons.
She want to keep the brand in the stage of high fashion while adding different element of young energy, such as high chroma and high intensity colors,
to refresh the customers' minds and attract a new target group, i.e. young ladies just graduate or go to work for few years.

Comparing SS collections' color scheme

In the past, Sonia used similar color schemes, such as monochromatic and achromatic color schemes with low chroma and low intensity colors.

However, in the collections of S/S 08 and S/S 09 , high chroma and high intensity colors are used, such as primary yellow and shocking pink.
This may shows that Sonia Rykiel is going to use more colors with high chroma and intensity in the S/S collections.

There are lots of colors in S/S 09, however, they are just similar with the colors used in S/S 08. A series of pastel color of pale pink and pale violet are developed from the previous season.
Most of the colors are the aggressive colors and compare with the previous seasons, more colors are used with the similar tone. This can create unity for the collection and the brand.

--------------this is some of my group's research conclusion, as i have done SS's study, i just tried to add some information about FW and whole conclusion.
and...thank you very much to all of my lovely teammates!!

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